I am a freelance writer who specialises in Christian devotional material but has also written across a range of genres. I work for a number of UK Christian publishers and have written Bible notes for Scripture Union, CWR and The Bible Reading Fellowship and write for Redemptorist Press across many of their different publications. I’ve also created children's stories which have been published in BBC's Girl Talk magazine, had articles published in The Huffington Press and The Sheffield Telegraph and have written blogs for both myself and others.

I have a postgraduate research degree (MPhil) in Biblical Studies which involved writing and researching a 70,000 word thesis on the cheerful subject of Hell in the New Testament and Church History. I am also a trained Religious Education teacher who has taught both RE and personal and social education at secondary school level and literacy at a primary school. I teach young people in my local church, too, and regularly preach at the all age services there.

For more details of my work, please see the sample pages of my website.